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Where We Specialise In Capturing And Sharing Your Event

We offer a personalised experience designed to accommodate budgets and expectations of various levels. We specialise in recording, editing and live-streaming events so people can watch from the comfort of wherever they are in the world. 


Since the start of the pandemic it quickly became apparent that friends and loved-ones would not be able to travel and attend special moments such as funerals and weddings. We started offering our live-streaming services to enable people to share in these important events.  With the easing of lockdowns and the UK getting "back to normal" we have continued providing this service and still get regularly asked to record or stream events.  By the end of 2022 we estimate we will have recorded or streamed nearly 300 events.


What Can You Expect?

High Quality Video

We record in either 4K or Full HD (1080P) and stream in Full HD or HD (720P) whenever possible

Great Audio

We aim to capture all spoken word as clearly as possible using professional microphones and back up recorders.

Hard Copies

If you need a copy of the event on a portable hard drive or USB stick please let us know. We can edit a special version with added music, images and titles.

Raising Standards

Trying To Be The Best At What We Do


We aim to deliver

We understand that not everyone has the same amount to spend on a live-stream.  We will always aim to give you what we would consider a great viewing and listening experience but if the price we quote is too high then please speak to us and we will see where we can save you some money.


Our Equipment

For those interested we use a variety of equipment for different jobs. Microphones are Sennheiser G3 and G4 for hand held and lapels, Sony for shotgun mics and Rode WGo2 when we need back up audio recordings and good discrete sound outside.

For video we mainly use Canon XF605, Canon R5C, and Sony PMW200 with SmallHD and Atomos monitors.  We use Atem Switchers and recorders and Hollyland wireless transmitters and receivers.  We also use Motorola comms between operators.

Internet Issues

Internet strength can be an issue in remote locations especially inside thick walled churches. Sometimes we choose to record and upload rather than stream as we believe it is a better end user experience.  If streaming is essential there is the option of using cellular bonding although sometimes even this is not enough.


All Videos

All Videos

All Videos
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Funeral of Derek Tolson 25.09.1939 - 25.03.2021

Funeral of Derek Tolson 25.09.1939 - 25.03.2021

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Funeral of Ian Greig 12.11.1923 - 09.02.2021

Funeral of Ian Greig 12.11.1923 - 09.02.2021

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Funeral of Frank Ashcroft Judd (Lord Judd of Portsea)   28.03.1935 - 17.04.2021

Funeral of Frank Ashcroft Judd (Lord Judd of Portsea) 28.03.1935 - 17.04.2021

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All prices are bespoke to each and every job and we try to be fair according to these factors:

The distance we need to travel to do the job

The amount of kit we need to take with us

The time we spend doing the job

The number of staff required

Rough Guide (ex VAT)

Travel cost: £1 per mile

Single camera, single mic jobs from £200

Multiple camera, multiple mic jobs from £250

Pricing bands:

Up to 20 minutes from £200

20-40mins from £250

40-60mins from £300

60-90mins from £350

Various bands over 90mins (POA)

(Remember we have normally done 3 hours work free before the service starts)

Laser Engraved USB copies £75 plus P&P


Belah Cottage, Waverley Rd, Carlisle CA3 9JY, UK

07738 753838

Thanks for submitting!

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